From all corners of the world, from all denominations and communities, high and simple. Everyone comes to the estate.
Each of the hundreds of thousands of visitors, comes out packed with experiences of material and spirit. The elation of spirit and the richness of the soul flowed into our interactive guestbook.

Date of visit: February 2016

I hereby wish to express my appreciation for the hospitality of the delegation of journalists, representatives of the sectoral press, on their visit to Jewish heritage sites in Ukraine. As a guest, there is no doubt that the construction and operation of guest houses designated for the observant public at the high level of hospitality as you are careful to do is certainly to encourage Jewish tourism to Ukraine, which was the cradle of the Hasidic movement.

David Maimon, CEO of EL AL

Date of visit: August 2016

I would like to thank you, on behalf of the participants of the Shlomi Emunim Conference, for the wonderful and generous hospitality we received throughout the week in Kiev, Zhitomir, Uman, the closing session that took place on the ship, and especially on Shabbat. Everywhere we went we were welcomed, and it was evident that you were very generous and invested a lot, paying attention to the smallest details, all in order to give the conference delegates the best. The careful planning before me and the exemplary organization during the days of the conference resulted in a successful journey that all the participants in the conference concluded with praise, and for this our thanks and blessings. Continue your blessed activities and God’s blessing will always accompany you.

Meir Porush Deputy Minister

Date of visit: Several times

I would like to say to you, thank you very much, this year, I have already brought 8 groups to you and in another two days it is already the ninth group and every time I am excited to get back to you! “The luxurious accommodations under 5 star conditions, Fresh and tasty and tasty, your concern for every detail and the indulgent service – make me time and time again to want to come back to you again with a lot of joy and confidence that another successful journey will be so because of you.your words here are the “mouth” of hundreds of passengers who have already traveled with me This is such a high hospitality in Ukraine and we are very grateful to you!

Ariel the Wonder of the Journey of Breath

Date of visit: September 2016

I just wanted to thank you for hosting the team in Meziavuz, the group companies enjoyed very much everything! And special thanks

The flexibility and patience in serving dinner at such a late hour, we appreciate it very much.


Organizes tour groups in Europe

Date of visit: 22/3/17

We stayed at the Hotel Hollins, and arrived with a group of about 100 men and women with Rabbi Amrami Eyal. We would like to thank you for the service from the hotel office, the arrangement and the accommodation of the rooms and bed and breakfasts for each couple, the reception service was excellent and within minutes everyone was in the rooms, Served quickly and happily to the tables, everyone was satisfied with the clean and heated rooms, the atmosphere was wonderful …
We will continue to hold additional meetings with new groups, and join the blessings of the entire community of ‘Eyal Tarog’ with the permission of Rabbi Amrami Shlit “a.

Yitzhak and Gila Cohen, group instructors

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